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Custom Design:

We pride ourselves on customer interaction to help define hose design for the operational requirements. Through both historical data and testing SunrisingSilicone are able to establish a suitable hose construction aesthetic profile to suit most applications.

Due to the service we offer we have assisted a number of low volume high profile companies develop quality parts for their individual applications. Some of the companies we have previously developed parts for and now supply now supply are TVR, Nobel Moy, Ralliart, Calloway Cars and many of the Motor Sport Teams in Rally, F1 and Truck Racing to name but a few.

The manufacturing process allows SunrisingSilicone to produce relatively complex parts that in many instances can be used to directly replace small assemblies. We have found that by producing a single part to replace assemblies savings are often made in both time and money.

Working closely with customers we are able to design a hose with suitable performance parameters to match and exceed customer requirements. Working together we are able to design and manufacture solutions to prolong operation in conditions that cause premature failure in many materials. Silicone is able to offer operating performance at high temperatures in harsh environments with little to no degradation, out performing many similar materials. In addition to the silicone's properties is the skill and expertise we have in the manufacture of reinforced silicone products. We are able to build parts in low volumes with complicated profiles to meet or exceed customer specifications.silicone hose, silicon hose