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Welcome to SunrisingSilicone Cmanufacturers of the worlds Second Performance Silicone Hoses Specialist.

SunrisingSilicone has been the world leader in Performance Silicone hoses for over seven years, supplying A1, NASCAR, World Rally Championship and Tuning workshop replacement hose kits and accessories.

Whether for Sports Cars, Trucks, SUV, ATV and UTV or Race Cars. With over 300 direct replacement kits for the tuning and modifying scene, and the world's largest range of universal silicone hoses for motorsport , race cars and road cars. SunrisingSilicone can offer you the best quality silicones hoses, for exceptional performance, and quality guaranteed reliability.

Designed to thrive on the high pressures and extreme temperatures found in the high performance engine, SunrisingSilicone hoses wont deteriorate, no matter how much you put them through, every hose is made by hand by one of our experts. Every hose is also 100% inspected before it leave our workshop, if we dont think a hose is good enough, it wont leave our workshop.

For unparalleled service and the finest performance silicone hoses in the world please contact us: www.silicone-hose.cn. For more information please send email: sunrisinghose@126.com.